Maple Leafs, Kyle Dubas: Big Decisions this off-season

As July 1st edges closer, the Toronto Maple Leafs are forced to ask themselves a troubling question that has haunted the organization for some time. With the possibility of high quality defensemen becoming available, does Toronto try to find an elite partner for their current number-one defensemen Morgan Reilly, or do they continue to use... Continue Reading →

Busy February for the Maple Leafs

February sees our Maple Leafs play 17 games in a very condensed month which will really test and push the rookies to their limits. Tomorrow’s game will be another tough test as they play the St. Louis Blues, a team that just fired their coach Ken Hitchcock after struggling for a greater part of this season.... Continue Reading →

Are trade winds blowing in Leafs Nation?

After 5 games of the 2016-2017 we are starting to hear about potential trades involving our beloved Leafs. We knew coming into this season that the one Achilles heel for the Leafs would be their defense and the requirement to close out the top 4 on defense by acquiring a match for Morgan Reilly. With... Continue Reading →

Let’s get talking Leafs Nation!

On October 12th our boys start what will be a year of intrigue and hope. So in conjunction with game one and exciting times ahead, I will post the first of a three part blog series called "Turning Over A New Leaf"  which will discuss where this franchise has been and where it will go in... Continue Reading →

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